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dish rack is one of the best apparatus for organizing the kitchen countertop to help make cooking and cleaning a simple task.

Using dish racks will add order and room in the kitchen while creating a warm and inviting feeling in the room.

The design of these racks lets you enjoy good perks when it comes to serving. It lets people dry utensils before placing them in the cabinets, thus saves on the time you would otherwise spend clothe drying your utensils one after the other.

To get the best rack for your kitchen, you should spend some time shopping and read about the different types of kitchen tableware racks, user and purchasing guides and other available online resources on the best dish racks.

With racks, drying the dishes is a fast and simple process. You will easily be able to organize your recently cleaned cups, glasses or plates.

This will get rid of the need of wiping the countertop clean with dishes you’ve just washed dripping water.

There are lots of options for dish racks, so you will be spoilt for choice though selecting one to suit your needs may be an issue due to the great variety of options. They are available in different materials like metal, stainless steel, and plastic.

If you like an eco-friendly rack, get environmentally friendly wooden materials like bamboo.

In spite of the different materials, it’s important to make sure they are strong enough. There is an array available in the market that you can select.

Dish rack purchasing guides

It is a difficult task to get the best dish rack due to the various options available in the market. Here are some factors to consider before you purchase a dish rack.

Easy cleanup

When water stagnates on your dish rack, hazardous fungus and bacteria might emerge and thrive. So, cleaning up the rack or kitchen holder frequently is also important.

Fortunately, most racks now come with removable parts, so you will easily disassemble it for clean up. Typically, you just require water and mild soap as the dish rack’s material is usually wood, plastic or stainless steel.


There are two popular kinds of dish rack material: wood and stainless steel. Plastic dish racks are also gaining popularity. You’ll find other kinds like satin, nylon, plastic.

Wood and steel construction is much more durable and lasts for long. Some products created from plastic look very stylish, are very well-built and will offer great service.

Size and shape

There are different dish rack sizes and forms to decide on. These racks with stainless steel hook can be round, rectangular or square, or even small or large.

You should look at the available space on the counter to select the best one. If you have limited space for a rack, do not worry.

Some racks are extendable and foldable. Others can straddle over your sink thus saving you counter space.

It’s easy to adjust to your preferred size. And keep in mind to select the rack with cutlery boxes and slots to hang mugs and hold forks, knives and spoons in a separate area.

Outside/inside the sink

Some homeowners would prefer placing the dish rack as kitchen tool outside the kitchen sink (on the countertop). You might worry that if you leave the drainer on the counter, it will be full of water.

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