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For haulers that tend to drive or deliver dump trucks, the chance of debris flying out of an opened container or truck and hitting other motorists or damaging windshields is a real, yet preventable, risk! While having exposed tops on your dump truck allows for easier loading and unloading of the material, you shouldn’t keep that top open during long travel or while on highways. Responsible dump truck haulers know that the best way to prevent your load from spilling out and damaging other vehicles is to invest in a tarp systems for truck and trailer.

Investing in a dump truck tarping system means knowing your truck and your loads! Know whether you’ll benefit more from an electric tarp system or a manual tarp system for your dump truck, and consider purchasing accessories that fit to your tailgate for easier and safer attachments, air valves, and indicators for the body of your dump truck which can, for example, notify when the body is raised before or after loading and unloading a load.

It’s important to remember that no two dump truck tarps are designed the same! Depending on the type of material you haul in your dump truck, you may benefit from purchasing a waterproof product compared to a mesh tarp! It all comes down to knowing your load and making sure you are investing in the right accessories to make your job easier without risking the safety of your fellow motorists!


It’s a common argument that tarping your dump truck is a matter of preference and only viable if you have the time to spare attaching a tarp before you hit the road. However, beyond the responsibility of protecting other drivers or vehicles that may be behind or around you on the road, there are laws that differ in each state regarding the legal requirements for dump truck drivers. Below are five reasons you should use a dump truck tarp system:


A big consideration you should have as a dump truck driver may be one you didn’t know to be aware of: each state has different laws and requirements for articulated haulers. Some states require all dump truck loads be tarped before you hit the road while others are more relaxed with the regulations or lack any at all!
Lacking a dump truck tarp system or any covering over your materials when you cross state lines could result in a hefty fine or ticket, and some states may even require your truck to be taken out of service until the load is secured to their specifications. In an industry where time is money, hours spent negotiating with law enforcement or securing a tarp instead of driving to your destination can result in a damaged reputation and financial loss. The easiest way to avoid this scenario is to invest or install in a dump truck tarp arm kit!


Though a rare occasion, it is possible for you to accidentally or prematurely hit the switch or button which dumps your truck bed or lifts the body of your vehicle into the dumping position. Regardless of where you are, all your contents will land on what is directly behind you, from covering and possibly damaging another vehicle to severely harming a person.
If you have a dump truck tarp kit installed to your truck, however, all or most of your materials will be caught by the tarp and prevent them from spilling out in the wrong spot at the wrong time!


Like with any tarping system, keep in mind that there are different types of dump truck tarps with their own benefits and unique designs or utilities! While each type brings its own benefits, one tarp may be more beneficial for a specific job than another.
Mesh Dump Truck Tarps: Mesh tarps are specifically designed for use on dump trucks and can fit most standard electric or manual dump truck tarp systems. They are designed with polyethylene fibers and thus are able to withstand recurring uses and rough jobs! Mesh material allows for air flow throughout the tarp, eliminating any wind resistance that could risk tearing or abrasions on your tarp! These Mesh Dump Truck Tarps are best for hauling rock, sand, debris, plants, and other loads that do not need protection from water or moisture and benefit or require airflow during transportation.

Waterproof Vinyl Dump Truck Tarps: Typically, these heavy-duty waterproof tarps are designed to provide complete protection from the elements and keep your loads dry no matter the weather you’re traveling through! Designed to fit your standard electric tarp systems for dump trucks and manual tarp systems, vinyl dump truck tarps are built with reinforced webbing along both sides of the tarp and have evenly spaced, rust-proof grommets for easy tie-down or attachment to a tarp roller bar!

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