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Trailer lighting has come a long way. Whether talking about exterior trailer lights, including markers and stop/tail/turn lamps, or interior trailer dome lights, you've made it clear to lighting suppliers you want longer lasting products for your truck fleets. Now you have them.

Last fall, Truck-Lite introduced for the reefer market two LED trailer dome lights whose diodes have a rated life of over 100,000 hr. The first product, the 80250C, is designed with the same dimensions as current fluorescent lamps, making it easy for retrofitting or use as a new product straight from the OE. The white LED uses multi-volt technology, Truck-Lite explains, rated to run between 10 and 30 volts.

LED technology, Truck-Lite points out, is an excellent fit for refrigerated trailers since LEDs work extremely well in cold temperatures. The manufacturer also states it has given the LED dome light a low profile design so drivers loading/unloading the trailer won't have a problem with insufficient overhead clearance.

The company says another advantage of the LED design is its “instant-on” technology. As soon as the operator turns the switch on, the LED is on and as bright as it will get, according to Truck-Lite, meaning the driver doesn't have to wait for the dome LED RV lights to warm up before unloading cargo.

The second product from Truck-Lite is the LED truck trailer light. It has all the benefits of the first dome lamp, but offers fleets flexibility in where they can mount it inside the trailer. The strip lamp has a low-profile design and comes in 2- and 4-ft. lengths that can be mounted in the upper corner at a 45-deg. angle or surface-mounted flat against the ceiling.

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