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If you are considering upgrading your lights to LED, the parking lot lights should always be the first one to take into consideration, because of the large service area of parking lot and the high energy consumption of traditional metal halide parking lot light.

It’s not easy to research dozens of websites to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and answer all of your questions about what is the right LED shoe box light Fixture for your needs. For this reason, we prepared some tips about shoebox light, Parking Lot and Area Lighting in this article.

Here are several things you need to know before converting your facility:

1. Type of facility: Is the site retail, warehouse or other commercial use?

2. Type of fixture or lamp: Wall Packs, Shoeboxes, Flood Lamp

3. Wattage of existing lamps: This gives your LED manufacture insight to the LED equivalent needed.

4. Line voltage: LED products are voltage specific, and the LED installer will need to know this detail.

5. Needs from the changes: To increase/decrease the lighting output, address a specific problem or area, meet a specific specification or code

6. The best color of light: The sun is 5778k, and in the LED industry, 5000k is considered to be the closest to natural sunlight. Outdoor lighting is often oriented to a 5000k color.

7. Quality of LED products: Quality means you trust you will not have any warranty issues, service means if you do have any issues, the integrity of service will be tasked to work its magic.

What is high bay lighting, and what applications benefit from it?

Whenever a large indoor space needs to be illuminated, high bay lighting is usually appropriate. Consider spaces like manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, factories, and more; these facilities are typically vast and cover a lot of vertical as well as horizontal space. This requires powerful lighting to provide the appropriate foot-candle levels to adequately illuminate. High bay lighting fixtures typically hang from the ceiling via hooks, chains, or pendants, or they may be fixed to the ceiling directly (similar to troffer lights). The image above features high bay lighting in action.

Various industries and facilities require high bay lighting. Some of the most common are:


Industrial facilities (read more about Industrial LED lighting here)

Manufacturing facilities

School and university gymnasiums

Municipal facilities like community centers or recreation centers

Commercial applications like department stores

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