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Benefits of Pet Beds & How to Pick the Perfect One!

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets. They are a huge part of our lives, they bring us so much joy and they are, most definitely, honorary members of our families.

We’ve already covered about a few different pet-related topics for our apartment residents, like the benefits of making homemade dog treats, how to calm hyperactive dogs, apartment pet etiquette and even ways to be an eco-friendly pet owner. Our apartments are pet-friendly, and we provide plenty of amenities to make you and your pets live the best life possible here at AMLI Residential. Bottom line, we love our residents, and we love our pets, and so we love to make sure both are as comfortable as possible!

Pet bed is just one facet of pet ownership, and it's one that provides a lot of benefit to both the pet and the owner. We’ll delve into what makes a good pet bed, what the benefits of pet beds are and, finally, how you can make some of your own DIY pet beds!

What are the benefits of pet beds?

If your pets are the kind that sleep anywhere and everywhere (looking at you, cats!), then you may be wondering if it’s even necessary to provide them with a designated pet bed. As it turns out, however, having a designated sleeping area is as important for pets as it is for us pet owners!


Think about it. We could fall asleep on the couch, on a sofa, a recliner or even on the floor if we are tired enough, but our bodies benefit from a comfortable and supportive bed. Both dogs and cats need beds that support their bones and muscles enough to allow adequate sleep and rest without stiffness or achiness. As your pets get older, it’s even more important for them to have proper support.


Having a warm bed that’s situated away from drafts can help your pets avoid catching colds. Floors can get cold, sofas next to air vents can get chilly and even your own bed can be too hot or cold for your pets’ liking. If your cat or dog has its own pet luxury bed situated in a warm, comfortable spot, then your pets will be able to rest comfortably and better regulate their internal temperatures.


It’s important for your pet to have a space that they can call their own, especially if you have multiple pets. Your pet should feel safe and secure in their bed, and it should be a place where they can truly relax.


We love snuggling with our pets in bed, we also need to have a proper night’s sleep without a paw in our faces or a tail across our nose. Having clean bedsheets and sleep areas are good for our own health and wellness, especially if you’re prone to allergies.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that sleeping next to your pet is bad, per se. It just means that if your pet is negatively affecting your sleep and health, then a pet bed is a great alternative.

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