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How To Use A Plate Bevelling Machine

Here is a professional guide about how to use a manual feed plate beveller aka plate bevelling machine and it’s setting up, tool change, cleaning, and maintenance.

This is a step by step complete guide on how to use plate beveling machines. In brief, this article covers the following points,

  • Components of the SKF 25 plate beveling machine

  • Safety measure before setting up the plate beveller

  • Checking the workpiece

  • Setting the milling head of the plate beveller

  • Setting the chamfer width plate beveller

  • Mounting the rollers of the plate beveller

  • Milling with the plate beveller

  • Using the plate beveller

  • Tool change of the bevelling machine

  • Cleaning of the bevelling machine

  • Maintainance of the bevelling machine

Safety measure before setting up the plate beveller

The beveling machine may only be operated in a horizontal position. Secure the workpiece.

Checking the properties of the workpiece. 

The surface of the workpiece must meet the following require- ments. The surface must be smooth and may not have any burn points, slag, welding joints or similar.  Before beginning with milling, remove surface unevenness. 

Setting the milling head

 Place the machine onto the upper side (power connecting cable ).  Release the locking mechanism (2) on both sides of the machine. Set the desired milling angle. The milling angle can be viewed on the scale (1). Tighten the locking mechanism (2) on both sides of the machine.

Setting the chamfer width

Place the machine onto the upper side (power connecting cable ). Release the locking mechanism (1). Set the desired chamfer angle by turning the adjusting screw (3). The chamfer width can be viewed on the scale (2). Tighten the locking mechanism (1).

Mounting the guide roller for milling plates

Mount the plate (3) according to the illustration. Fix the guide rollers (2) in the borehole (1) with the washer and nut.

What is Pipe Beveling? How to Bevel a Pipe?

Pipe beveling is an angle forming between the edge of the end of a pipe or tube. When the pipe end is formed with a certain degree of an angle, it is called a bevel end or beveled end. Pipe beveling is an essential step in the welding preparation process of pipe joining. The quality of the beveled pipe directly affects the quality of the welding, so that proper pipe preparation ensures the best possible weld joint. Other than welding, beveling can also be used for deburring the cut pipe ends for aesthetic and safety reasons.

There are several pipe end preparation methods for welding. In this article, the types and pros, and cons of pipe beveling machine will be discussed.

What is correct, beveling, or bevelling?

Both beveling and bevelling are correct. 'Pipe bevelling' is the English UK spelling and 'pipe beveling' is the English US. Also, the wording pipe chamfering, pipe end working, pipe end preparation, and pipe prepping are other common terms for this application method.

Beveling vs. Chamfering: What is the difference?

Pipe chamfering is technically a type of pipe beveling. Both terms refer to an edge forming between two faces of a pipe or tube. However, the main difference between pipe chamfering and pipe beveling is that a chamfer is an edge that connects two faces at a 45 degrees angle, whereas the bevel's slope can be any angle except 45 or 90 degrees.

How to Bevel a Pipe?

There are various ways to bevel a pipe. Using a portable or stationary beveling machines, doing it by a hand grinder, or by a plasma or torch cutter.

The hand grinding method of pipe beveling is the cheapest and the most dangerous method compared to using a pipe beveling machine. It is time-consuming, and a skilled operator is required to perform a bevel on a pipe by a hand grinder. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to keep the bevel quality the same for each pipe operation while creating a lot of mess.

Using a torch or plasma cutter is another type of pipe end preparation machine. It provides faster results compared to a hand grinder, however; it also has some drawbacks. The flat land at the end of the pipe needs to prepared by hand, which is not a safe process. Yet again, the command produced will be inconsistent.

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