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Everyone loves using technology up until it stops working, and if you landed on this article, you’re standing desk isn’t working and you’re not exactly feeling the love.

Given the fact that the desk has electrical components, at one some point, it’s normal that you experience a hiccup. The most common issue is that the electric sit stand desk stops going up or going down. The desk just becomes stuck. 

In this blog, I’m going to share the most common reasons a standing desk won’t go up or down and how to fix it. Keep reading to find out how to get your desk back in working condition, and standing desk controller is usually used.. 

Why your standing desk won’t go up & how to fix it


1. Object is in the way

You may have something that’s mounted above the desk that’s stopping it from traveling upwards. The typical culprits are mounted shelves, cabinets, or artwork.

As a safety measure, many standing desks have a collision detection feature that prevents the desk from hitting another object. When it detects an object in the way, the table will stop moving upwards and then slightly move down, giving you room to remove whatever is in the way.

How to fix this

Check for any items above your standing desk parts that may be getting in the way, and remove them.

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