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Product Details:
This luxury 25 flower box with drawer is in the square shape and come with 25 roses on the top layer and one drawer underneath the roses to store your small gifts like lipstick, jewelry, and more!
Model NumberHWD-0510
With LidYES
MaterialAcrylic (PMMA)
FeatureBottom with Drawer for gifts or jewelry storing
Acrylic thickness3mm clear acrylic + 8mm acrylic rod
Delivery time3-5days for sample
PackingStretch film wrapped, each in individual carton box
Acrylic Flower Box
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear
Item No: HWD-0501 (Single hole)
Size: 10.5x10.5x15.5cm
Item No: HWD-0503 (9 holes)
Size: 15.7*15.7*15cm
Item No: HWD-0504 (16 holes)
Size: 20.7x20.7x15cm
Item No: HWD-0506 (36 holes)
Size: 31x31x15.5cmItem No: HWD-0520 (single)
Size: 7x7x6.7cmcm
Color: Clear / Black
Item No: HWD-0521 (5 holes with drawer)
Size: 11.5x11.5x11.5cm
Acrylic Flower Box with Drawer
Item No: HWD-0509 (16 holes with drawer)
Size: 20x20x20cm
Item No: HWD-0509 (16 holes with drawer)
Size: 20x20x20cm
Item No: HWD-0522 (25 holes with drawer)
Size: 24.1x24.1x11.5cm
Company Profile
Our Advantages
More than 15 years experience for foreign market in acrylic, manufacture and service, Completed quality management system.
All the raw material has SGS report.
Factory has FSC and Sedex annual audit each year.
Why Choose Us?
1. Small order are welcome
2. Offer free stock sample
3. OEM accepted
4. Offer confidentiality agreement "business secret contract"
1. How can I get a sample for this flower box with drawer?
Pls send email to info@homesweetind.com or send inquiry to us directly in our website.
2. How does it charge?
Stock samples are free but freight is charged.
3. What is the sample delivery time?
About 5-7 days for our regular items.
4. Can I OEM with small quantity?
Yes, you can. We don鈥檛 need to set up a mould for acrylic products. Can custom freely as you want.
5. What is the payment term?
T/T, LC are acceptable. 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipment.Wholesale Acrylic Flower Box

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