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Our History
Shengxiang Company established in 2009, concentrate on offering the custom flight case and power distribution box business with cable assemblies to a range of stage related equipment till now.
Our Factory
Our factory take over 2000 square meters places in Panyu district Guangzhou city, and have 2 different workshops for different products, one for flight case and hardware, another for power distribution box and related items, with 11-50 experience workers, include the QC persons, designers and international sales executives.
Our Product
A. Flight case series and hardware, include but not limited to DJ case, cable trunk road case, Mixer case, speaker case, lighting case, tool case, drawer case, Rack flight case etc.
B. Power distribution box, US/ UK/ EU/ AU/ CA and worldwide standard power box and electric extension cords, power connectors etc.
C. Hoist motor controllers, 4ch/ 6ch/ 8ch/ 12ch/ 24ch/ 36ch hoist motor controller available.
D. Aluminum truss, stage platform, Drapes and pipes for stage, other stage used sound and light related items.
Product Application
Stage sound and light, Exhibitions, Car show, outdoor show, distribution equipment, Concert Touring, Generators, Theatrical, Motion Picture, Live Event, Convention Centers, Entertainment Industry.
Our Certificate
CE, patent certificates.
Production Equipment
CNC machine, Cutting machine, Angle Adjusting machine, Foam cutting machine, Laser print machine.
Production Market
North America 40%, Oceania 20%, European 20%, South America 10%, Asia 10%, Africa 5%, Middle East 5%, Average Yearly volume of business up to 10-30 million.
Our Service
All inquiries are warmly welcome, we had 24/7 sales teams ready for answering your inquiries with one-stop-shop service, also provide the custom service for clients to meet different demands, for all our products we guarantee one year after-sale service.Customized Socapex Fan Out

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