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The System of 200 micron greenhouse plastic will attached:
1.The main framework designed to meet the "GB50017-2003Steel Design Code";
2.The steel material meets the "GB700-88carbon steel";
3.Hot dip galvanizing layer steel products technical requirements
Plastic film
Material: PO film, PEP film, etc. Characterize: Anti-dew and dust-proof , Anti-dripping, Anti-fog, Anti-aging Thickness:80-200micro,200 micron greenhouse plastic,
Light transmission:>89% Temperature range: -40 to 60鈩?/p>
Ventilation system
Sides Vent: The greenhouse 2 sides can be roll up & down by manual roll up machine, 50mesh insect net will be offered for vents.
Top vent : Customized.
Cooling system
The cooling system is composed by cooling fan and water curtain, which can maintain the temperature in the greenhouse at 26-30鈩?in summer.
Irrigation system
There are dripping irrigation and spraying system to choose.
Shading system
There are outside shading system and inner shading system to choose
Other systems
We can provide any other system you want to add to the greenhouse. Like Heating system, Moving seedbed system, Hydroponics system.
1.Heating system
There are two type to heat the temperature, one is to use boiler, other
is to use electric.
Boiler fuel can be coal, oil, gas and bio
fuels. Boiler need to lay the pipelines and water warming blower to heat.
2.Moving seedbed system
The structure is reasonable, the operation is flexible, and the height of the bench is 0.6 meter, which can be adjusted within a certain range. The horizontal direction can create a standard 55 cm wide working channel between any two adjacent benches, which is portable, freely operated, and has a device with anti-fall limit.
3.Hydroponics system
Hydroponics is a type of plant soil less cultivation method, also known as nutrient liquid culture. Its core is to directly infiltrate the roots of plants into nutrient solution. This nutrient solution can replace soil and provide growth factors such as water, nutrients and oxygen to plants, enable plants to grow normally.cheap 20 Mil Plastic Greenhouse

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