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Power driver锛?/td>Normal PowerCTN Size锛?/td>40*40*21 cm
Warranty锛?/td>3 yearsColor Temperature(CCT)锛?/td>3500-7500K
Environmentally friendly aluminum material, integrated die-casting. 60掳, 90掳, 120掳 multi-angle lens. Dust-proof silicone prevents dust and foreign matter from entering.
Focus on the development and design of LED lighting products, quality comes from details, products and services are meticulous, and create value for more partners. Focus on high-quality industrial and mining lamps, industrial lighting design style.
The overall die-casting process uses ADC12 aluminum as the material. The heat dissipation effect is increased by 10%, the life is extended by 10,000 hours, the aluminum content is high, and the weight is lighter. The raw materials have passed CE/ROHS certification.
UFO industrial and mining lamp radiator, air convection double-layer heat dissipation, integral die-casting, bright black shell, IP65 waterproof, multiple protection.
High-quality viewing angle, high brightness and energy saving, you can choose 60 degrees 90 degrees lens, the lens uses PC material, high light transmittance, UV resistance.
The isolated power module, constant current drive, and stable output current can effectively control the current and voltage, prevent the unstable voltage from causing damage to the lamp, and ensure the safe use of the lamp.LED Highbay Light

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