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Wenzhou Yujun Packing Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2000 and specializes in the Production of "HIORTOEY" brand packing machinery related production.
YuJun company seized the opportunity of the rapid development of the packaging industry, underpins the tenet of "survive by quality and develop by credit",and through the standardized enterprise management strategy of"internal research and external market",independent innovation.high positioning of all aspects of the quality management system,build the most advanced domestic industry R&D production platform.
We always insists on the research and development and market sales as the core of the work;optimize and integrate the company's resources,so that companies take the road of new technology,high starting point.And specializes in the development of non-standard product equipment to meet the needs of different customers, our mainly produces automatic film machine,L-type automatic sealing machine,film machine,heat shrinking machine,inkjet printer,automatic winding machine,L semi-automatic type sealing and cutting machine,vacuum packaging machine,body-fitting machines and other series of multi-species packaging machinery.
Our products are widely used in food ,beverages, washing, daily chemical,food,electronics,pharmaceuticals and other industries, and has been unanimously recognized by customers in various intustries, sincere cooperation, to provide customers with meticulous pre-sales and after-sales service,welcome domestic and foreign Customers come to guide, sincere cooperation, create brilliant tomorrow.
Our Product
Band sealer carton sealer vacuum packaging shrink machine cutting and sealing machine
Our Certificate
CE ISO9001
Production Market
Turn over 15million USD/YEARPackaging Machinery

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