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Our History
We have been active in the machine market since 2004 and start foreign trade business for customer from consulting service solution in 2008. Our aim is to constantly develop machine rang and machine automatic grade to meet changing needs of our customers.
Our Factory
YSY packing is manufacturer of industrial automatic packing equipment.
The machine equipment we produced to support manufacturing process in production factory. We hope to create solutions allowing for automation and resulting in acceleration and reduction in costs of selected manufacturing processes.
Our Product
Tube filling and sealing machine; filling machine; capping machine;
Product Application
Cosmetic, food industry.
Our Certificate
UDEM CE certificate.
Production Equipment
Laser cutting &blending, lathe processing; milling machine; welding machine, sanding machine, polishing machine.
Production Market
Our tube filling and sealing packing machine are used by leading skin care manufacturer in UK, Russia and other countries.
Our Service
Pre-service: Recommend suitable machine with customer's URS
Mid -Service: Machine production with confirmation of technical specification and drawing.
Machine production visualization
Machine testing report and video
2year Core components guarantee
FAT, IQ, OQ, PQ process for machine equipment
After-service: video technical supporting
Online support
Field maintenance
Oversea installation and repair serviceFilling Capping And Labeling Machine for sale

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